Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bailey's Wedding

My cousin Bailey Bouchard got married in August 2010.
It was one of the funnest weddings I have ever been to.
The food was amazing, it's always great to see family, and there is nothing like a temple marriage.
What a fun weekend!

The Delta

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

East Bay

This summer we took our first family trip to East Bay to visit the Calls (Tom and Hill, John and Ann, Dan and Julie).
I was so excited to go because I have heard so much about it.
Dustin and his family always talk about how much fun it is out there.
I wasn't sure if they just liked East Bay or if they liked seeing their family,
but after going it's definitely both.
They try to spend at least a week out there every summer because three of
Steve's siblings live out there.

The whole trip started out though with a 11 hour drive.
I was a little weary about this because I have never driven that far in a car before.
I can get car sick so I dont like driving that far.
But with a good book on tape and a couple of movies the drive was not that bad.

Once I drove into Alamo, I knew that I loved the place.
This little town is so quaint and has so much charm.
It is surrounded by beautiful green hills, trees, and greenery.
The town is filled with Ma and Pa shops and does not have a lot of chain restaurants.
So everywhere we went to eat was to die for.
I loved being able to walk through down town and see the cute shops.
My favorite part was driving around and seeing all of the homes.
I have this weird hobby where I love to look at houses.
I love to see how different parts of the country do things and I love to get fun new ideas.

We basically just chilled the whole time.
We swam in Tom and Hill's pool
saw Ann's horses
went out to eat every second that we could
sat by the fire
and talked and talked some more.

The one thing that I realized when I joined the Call family was how much they love to talk.
They dont have to do anything all day and they will be happy.
We go out to eat and spend three hours after wards just visiting.
But I have to say that I love it.
I am totally a yalker and for those who know me, know that I love to talk.
So I dont mind in the least.

The Calls showed us a good time.
They took us into San Fran, which I hadn't seen since I was ten.
I love San Fransisco.
I think that I could spend hours just walking around there.
There is so much character there and a lot to see.
We went on a beautiful walk up the coast that leads up to the Golden Gate bridge.
We ended up down on the beach, which was beautiful.
We had fun taking pictures and they packed a sack lunch.
After the Calls showed us the best ice cream shop.
Bi-ride. They had the best snicker-doodle ice cream that I have ever had.
Dustin's family is so much fun and so it was a really fun day.

We had an absolute blast and cant wait to go back!