Monday, January 28, 2013

Brainhead Weekend

If any of you know my family,
we are NOT outdoor people.
I wasnt sure if it was because of my parents extreme fear that we would get hurt,
or they just didnt know how to do the outdoor.
But we did not venture to the great outdoors much.
Ever since I married into the Call family,
they have helped me realize just how great the outdoors are.
I have become a hiking, jogging, skiing...outdoor junkie.
And I am always trying to share my new love with my family.

So when my Dad informed me that one of his patient offered us their house up in Parawon,
 I jumped on the oppritunity to get my family out skiing.
We had the best weekend ever.
My siblings LOVED skiing and are begging my parents to go again.
They were naturals.
They tried snowboarding the first day and then skiing the second.
They seemed to do better with skiing.
Then on the second day, Dustin's brothers Brady and Tanner came and joined us.
They are also snowboarders and wanted to try skiing.
Dust and I had a blast teaching everyone.
By the end of the day they were going down black diamonds.
There were a few great falls and a lot of good laughs.
It was such a fun weekned, filled with family, skiing, some great food.
My favorite things in the world.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter 2012

A lot has been going on in the last two months.
Here is a quick run down on our lives.

Dustin finished his first semester of Law School.
I think Law School has been harder on me then him.
I hate that I never get to see him anymore.
And when we are together, he is worried about school.
I am being a little dramatic.
It really wasn’t bad at all....until finals.
During the three weeks of finals, I was doing my surgical rotation.
We would by lying in bed on Sunday and I would turn to him and say…
See you in a week.
No joke
We did not see eachother besides going to church for a couple of weeks there.
But I am happy to report that Dustin is loving Law School.
He is loving what he is studying and is so passionate about the Law.

 We celebrated our 3rd Anniversary…..
A month late.
With Dustin in the middle of his law finals,
and with Thanksgiving a couple of days later,
we decided to hold off on our Anniversary till after Finals.
It was a good choice.
We spent the day together working out, going to a movie,
and then going to this new amazing little Italian Restaurant.
They had the best lobster Ravoli, I have ever had in my life.
We have to go back there soon.

I love being married to such a foody.
Since we have been in Vegas we have discovered so many new places to eat.
It is our goal in life to find every good restaurant in Vegas.
And we are well on our way to doing so.

I also cant believe that we have  been married for three years.
It just seems like yesterday that I was a little Freshman
at BYU dating this totally “old” super hot guy.
It has been the most amazing three years of my life,
and I am so grateful to have my best friend at my side.

Rebel Games
With BYU and UNLV in different conferences, it has made our married life so much easier.
We can now cheer on both the Rebs and the Cougars without conflict.
We LOVE going to the Rebel games.
They are so much fun to watch this year.
We love ALL of the players.


Hardy Party
We of course went out to Logandale for the Annual Hardy Party.
It’s a family tradition that the Saturday before Christmas
the whole gang gets together and celebrates.
It’s so much fun seeing our family and catching up with the people we love.

 Beatty Nevada
Our Bishop asked Dustin and I to speak in a branch in our Stake
about an hour and half away on Christmas Sunday.
At first I was a little sad because my whole family was in
town and my mom was speaking in her ward.
But it ended up being the best day ever.
We got to speak about Christ and feel the wonderful spirits of the people who live out in Beatty.
Dustin and I had a blast and we hope they will ask us to speak again.


Christmas Eve was filled with the normal festivities.
We went out to Breakfast at Hash Hash a go go.
If you have not been it’s a must.

That night was filled with  Christmas PJs, games, Lobster, Steak, great food, and family.

What was different this year is we got invited to go to
Christmas Mass with our family friends the Devlins.
This is something that I have always wanted to go to.
It was amazing and I loved going to bed on Christmas Eve thinking about the Savior.
I am so grateful for the Devlins and their wonderful example of how to live your life.

The Calls and Utah
The Day after Christmas we headed up to Utah to visit our family.
Lucky for us my Doctor that I was rotating with took the week off so I had some time off.
This had to be one of my favorite times up to Utah
We spent a day with Matt and Kourt up in Park City.
We always LOVE seeing these to and loved being able to catch up.
We got to go to Matt's work and see him in action.

The next day we had a blast shopping with the Call girls.
We went up to City Creek (because dustin had never been)
He spent the day shopping with all the girls
but I think he likes to shopping more than I do.

We went to Tyler and Amanda’s house and got to see all of Dustins buddies.
It was so much fun to catch up with them, and to see all of their cute kids.
Then we went snow showing one with with Al and Matt.
I had never been before and I had a blast.
I seriously cant wait to go again.
We went at midnight and it was so beautiful and peaceful up there.

The last day we spent with the WHOLE Call gang.
We had a family dinner at the new and improved Dan and Julies House
It was so much fun to see all of the Calls
Then the next day I went home to get back to work and Dust stayed a few more days.

New Years Eve
Dust and I spent New Years Eve apart this year.
Not my favorite.
But I did get to hang out with my little sister, go the Wise's, and see some great friends.

Jason’s Eagle
I cant even believe how old my little brother is.
He received his Eagle Scout a couple of months ago,
And we finally had the time to throw him a little party.
It was quite the Janet Kelly production.
Decorations, poems, Ryan singing, and some great food.
I think I am going to have to higher my mom to throw parties for me. Lol


We are so proud of little Jay