Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I cant even believe it.....We have been married for TWO years.
I feel like it was just yesterday that we were planning the wedding.
Time seriously flies.
Its seriously been the best two years of my life.
Marriage is increadible.

I love being able to spend everyday with my best friend.
I love cooking, watching games together, cleaning, going on trips, studying, hanging out, and going on date nights together.
I love having a NUMBER ONE.

I was really excited about celebrating out Anniversary
but we didn't know if we would be able to squeeze in a celebration,
in the middle of school, work, and the LSAT.
So the days went by and we had nothing planned.
We kept thinking that our lives would calm down but it didnt.
So the weekend of our anniversary finally comes and we had nothing planned.
Well we did have something planned.
We had to help my little brother Jason do his Eagle Project.
We wanted to go out of town for the weekend but
we decided that helpin my little bro was more important.

So now its noon on Saturday and we had just gotten done helping my brother
and we still had nothing planned.
Now this was not Dustin's fault at all, I could have planned somthing but I did it.
But for some reason, I wanted to make it Dust's fault
and told him that he "hated our anniversary"
(I know I was a little dramatic)
So I gave Dust the ultimate guilt trip, and he jumped on the situation.
He got online and booked us a room at Vdara at the City Center and we were off.
We decided that a overnight get away on the strip would be a blast.

This seriously ended up being the funnest weekend EVER.
I LOVE the strip.
I know, it sounds weird, but I love the lights, the big hotels,
the architecture, restuarants, shopping, and people.
I love every oppritunity that I have to go down there and hang out.

We get to our room and we LOVED it.
It was a little mini-sweet.
We loved Vdara and we will totally stay there again.
The weekend was spent doing our three favorite things
Watching football
Eating Increadible Food
and Each other.
It was perfect.

I was also able to do something that I had never done before.
As I was walking through the Casino,
I realized that I have lived in Vegas my whole life and I had never gambled.
So I decided it was finally time to change this.
But as I looked around, I could not bring myself to hit the slots or play the games.
It just seemed like the biggest waste of money.
But then we passsed the Sports Book.

I told Dust that I had no idea how sports beating worked
so he took me over and explained everything to me.
He pulled out all the stats, papers, and bets.
I got so excited I could hardly stand it.
I was like, why did I not know about this before.
(well its probably a good thing I didnt know about this before)

So we decided to place a 10 dollar parley bet.
(yeah we are big rollers - we're poor college kids)
So we bet on Arizona, BYU, and Standford.
All three of our teams won but Stanford didnt cover the spread.

It was the funnest 5 hours of my life.
Here we are, surrounded by drunk men, sreaming our lungs out.
I have never cheered so loud in my life.
I didnt know sports could get any better, but they can.
I have never watched Arizona play before, and I was cheering my heart out for them.
It's probably a good thing we lost, our else I would have
placed all of our earnings on the NFL games the next day.
Maybe we'll have to make this a little tradition for our Anniversary.
We then ate an great restuarant overlooking the Bellagio Fountians,
went to the Sugar Factory, did a little shopping, and walked the town.
It was the perfect weekend.