Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Park City with the family

This past week my entire family came up to Utah.
It was Jason and Kaitlin's spring break.
My family has never been to Park City so we thought this would be a great time to see it.
(Seeing as Provo was crazy busy with all of the people here for graduation)

Let me just tell you that my family LOVED Park City.
They probably would have loved it more if everything wasn't closed.
They came right in the middle of winter and summer time.
The slopes were closed, but all the summer activities don't open up till June.
So that was kind of a bummer.
But I think that they still loved all of the shopping, restaurants,
and the ambiance of the place.
I can see them coming back soon.
(I sure hope so at least)

We had so much fun with the family.
We basically shopped, saw movies, went out to eat, hung out, and played.
Basically everything that the Kelly's do best.
I love spending time with my family.
I am enjoying every minute cuz I know that my free time
with the family is limited.
PA school starts soon.

A couple of highlights from the trip
graduation (post to come),
River Horse Restaurant,
time with the family,
shopping, and
family pics.
Perfect Week.

The only thing that was open during this time of the year was snowmobiling.
So with the help of the Calls,
they got use equipped with some winter gear.
My mom thought that Jason and Kaitlin would be fine in jeans and a hoody.
Obviously my family does not do winter sports a lot. ha ha.

I have never been snowmobiling before, and I had no idea how fun it would be.
The four kids went (Dustin had class) and we had a blast.
I didn't think that the snowmobile would be so hard to turn
or maybe its not and I am just a week ling.
(This is probably the case)
We are happy to say that we went away with only two crashes.

Jason just didn't stop, hit the back or Ryan, and fell over.
It was actually the funniest thing that I have ever seen.
The other one was not quite so funny.
For being April, it is still dumping up in the mountains.
There was probably a foot and half of fresh powder there.
And the snowmobile gets stuck in fresh powder.
I accidentally went off the track and got the snowmobile stuck
Ryan, being the good brother he is tried to get it out, but he couldn't do it.
We had to do the walk of shame back to the lodge.
Were the workers just laughed at us and said that it happens all of the time.

I love being up in the mountains and enjoying all of Heavenly Father's creations.
It is so beautiful and peaceful up there.
I am making a goal to get out in nature more.
It truly is amazing.

Best week ever.

This would be Ryan peeing. I'm pretty sure that we had to stop like
five times to let him go to the bathroom.

Kaitlin on top of the world.

Kaitlin riding dirty.

Me. Kind of an embarrassing shot

The whole gang.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Never Been Done

To most of you, this might not seem like a big accomplishment,
but in our home we made history last night.
Ever since I meet Dust, he has been playing intramural sports.
It was a great way for Dust to get exercise, see his buddies, and get out his competitive edge.
But this year was different.
D has been playing basketball and flag football with the same team for the last four years.
He grew up with half of the guys and the other half he meet through a mission.
These guys are his best friends and they're about as close knit as they come.

A lot of us are graduating this year, and so it was their last year to play together.
They had come close to winning D-1 flag-football last year.
(In fact they would have won it if it wasn't for Dust's and Alex's freak accident)
So this year it was all or nothing.
John (Dustin's buddy) looked it up, and no one in BYU's history has ever
won both D-1 football and D-1 basketball.
Team HOLLA wanted to make this change.
Back in September they decided this was their goal for the year.
There was some skepticism at first but when football season started there was
no doubt that they would win this one.
They blew out every team they played.
They completely annihilated their competition and won it all.
This was a great moment.
All these boys wanted was just one shirt before they left college.
They were one cloud nine.

Then basketball season started.
They competition was a lot better and they were not blowing everyone out.
They were a lot of close games that really could have gone either way.
But in the end, they came up with a victory.
They defeated the odds.
They made history.
It was one of the funnest nights ever.
I am so glad that I meet my husband in college so that we could share these
memories together.
I never missed a game. I couldn't. They were just to dang fun.
I will miss seeing these guys play.
And glad that they won it all.

The whole family came out for this event!

Dust got this email from John (the team captain) and I think that it perfectly describes this last year.
I guess we can officially say the “unprecedented” has happened. Never before, and probably never again will the same group of guys be able to beat out over 700 hundred teams in two different sports.
Granted it is only intramurals, but I’d venture to say it is a pretty
impressive feat.
Impressive things to note:
*We really are just a bunch of average joes with basically no collegiate experience in football or basketball.
*Absolute domination in football. Don’t think a single team even had a chance against us. We handled a team (text me, 21-0) that had won the league the two previous years and had many near walk-on cougars at key positions (e.g., QB). It would have been interesting to see what this team could have done in Tampa.
*Wins in basketball didn’t come as easily and it was clear from early on
that the road would be difficult.
And then to make things even more difficult on ourselves
we lost our first round game.
From there we had to win 8 games, dispatching all of the best teams in D1 and one team twice. Being down 4 against Cory’s team with under a minute to go and going
on to win was impressive enough.
But being down 15 in the first half and then down 7 with 2 minutes to
go in the championship and pulling out the victory definitely takes the cake.
The legacy of “Holla” will forever haunt teams like “Text me”, ”Club Trill”,
“Big Numbers”, or “Arlington’s B team”, and players like Randon
(“Thanks for nothing! You guys are worthless and we aren’t friends anymore!”).
It’s been a great four years playing together.
We’ve had a lot of ups and downs but it is good to finally come out on top. Holla!