Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dad's Birthday

I am so grateful for my amazing Dad, and the opportunity
we had to have the whole family together to celebrate
his birthday this year.
I am so grateful for his example, love, and support in my life.
He is greatest, and I look up to him so much.
The food at Flemmings was divine but the company was even better.
We love you Daddy.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Heather and I have been trying to get together for the last 6 months.
But one of us has had school or work and so it just never worked out.
But we finally meet up and she came to Vegas.
Heather had never been to Vegas before so we had a very busy weekend.
We had to hit up every tourist attraction.

We went to the Bellagio fountains, and flowers, the City Center, the Paris,
Sugar Factory, and Earls all on the first night.

It was so fun just to be able to hang out.
I have to say that not seeing my friends is the one bad thing
about graduating from college.
You make these incredible friends and then they all move away.
It was fun to catch up and reminanse on old times.
Then the next day we had to go to
my cousins bridal shower,watched some football
and then went to Fashion Show and seriously shopped till we dropped.
Heather got her first pair of skinny jeans and her first pair of boots.
Vegas has corrupted her and she came home with a whole new wardrobe.
We introduced her to new stores and great Vegas fun.
Then we got to go to my favorite part of the strip. Maggiono's.
I seriously love this place.
It has the best food with the best atmosphere and the best people.
We had so much fun just being together.
It was also fun to hear how the farm is doing.
(Its kind of an inside joke, but when we were in
Jerusalem I would always make her tell me stories about
the farm when I was missing Dust.
It kept my mind off of things)
So now I always like to know whats going on with the farm.
Its so fascinating to me to learn about things, I know nothing about.

I love Heather so much.
I wished she lived closer.
I was SOOOO glad that she came down for the weekend.

Grandma Kelly

This year we decided to throw a little pary in celebration
of my Grandma Kelly's life.
All of her posterity got together.
She told us the history of her life.
Where she grew up, the jobs she had, and funny stories of her life that we had never heard.
It was so fun to hear hear.
I learned so much about my Grandma and made me love her even more.
We then got to go around and tell our favorite story of her.
It was so fun to reminancse on her life and her legacy.
She is such an incredible women and a great example to me.
She taught me how to be a stong women,
to take life by the horns, and how to love.
I am so grateful that she has been such a big part of my life.
I couldnt imagine my life with out her.
It was also SO FUN to see my Kelly family.
I think it was the first time that we had all been together in YEARS.
I love those cousins so much.
They are all such great people and its an honor to call them my family.
I have the most amazing family on every side.
I am so blessed to have these people in my life.


The day after Christmas, Dustin and I headed to Utah to see his family.
We love going up and spending time with the them.
They are the best and there is never a dull moment when we are with them.
We spend most of out time just staying up late and visiting.
I love that back room and the late nights
we have just talking and watching sports
My favorite thing of the week was Brady's hair.

He decided that he wanted to grow it out and where it in a headband.
Sue Ellen is hating life.
I think the head band is pretty funny, but atleast we can now see his eyes.
But it was his birthday that week so he could do whatever he wanted.

While there we had a blast. We went to two BYU basketball games.
I missed being on BYU's campus and it was fun to come back.
I love the Marriot center but it really made me
miss the Jimmer.

We went to our favorite restaurants (slab three tiems),
watched sprots every day,
went to Park City, visited our family,
and just hung out.
It was fun to go to Utah and actually feel the cold. lol
It was the first time I have put on a coat all year.
I dont miss the cold but I do miss seeing the snow.
Utah is so beautiful and I miss waking
up to those mountians every day.

We stayed there New Years Eve and celebrated in big fashion.
We had game night with the Call clan and had homemade soup.
It was perfect. I love every opportunity that I get to be with the family.

We also had my family come up for my cousins wedding.
It was so fun to see the all the Magelby's and see those cousins.
We dont get together enough.
We had another fun day shopping up at Gateway,
eating out, and just enjoying eachothers company.

I love the week after Christmas.
All the stress of the Holiday is over and you
finally get a chance to chill and be with family

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas 2011

This Christmas was little more stressful than ones in the past.
I was not only in school until December 23rd but I had three exams that week.
I was studying all day every day so
I didn't feel like I had any time to get into the Christmas Spirit.
Ryan and his friend Rob arrived on the 16th,
my siblings were out of school, and everyone was foot loose and fancy free.
It was hard going to school everyday as my family was all home partying.
I guess I finally got a little does of reality.
It will prepare me for when I start working.

But once I got out of school, I was loving life.
We had so much fun with the family going to movies,
hiking, eating, cooking, and just being together.
We were lucky enough to have the Andersons, Byers, Nana and her son, Bijon, and the missionaries over for Christmas day dinner.
It was fun being able to celebrate the best day of the year with some great people.

We of course had way to much food,
got way to many presents, and got spoiled a little to much.