Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kaitlin's Graduation

I cant believe this day has finally come. 
My baby sister is graduating from High School. 
So weird. 
I feel like she should still be in middle school. 
But I am so excited for her to go up to BYU next year. 
She will love college. 

Kaitlin is one amazing girl. 
She graduated Valedictorian of her class. 
Got to speak and graduation 
And rocked it. 

I dont know what I would do without her. 
She is my best friend and the greatest person I know. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life as of Late

 I have to start out this post and say that there won't be a lot of pictures. 
A couple of months ago, I thought I lost my brand new camera and was devastated. 
We looked high and low and it was no where to be found. 
But by some miracle, we found it a couple of weeks ago. 
So the pictures will start back up real soon. 

But here is a rundown of whats been going on. 

Jason's Volleyball
Lets just say that the younger two siblings are much better 
at volleyball then the older two siblings were. 
Jason is such a little baller. 
We had so much fun going to his game this year. 
He won offensive player of the year. 
We are so glad that he still has another 2 years of 
high school left so we can watch him play. 

Weekend Getaway
My favorite thing to do in Vegas is be a tourist. 
I love going down to the strip to shop, lay out, and eat amazing food. 
So Dust and I decided to have another stay cation. 
We stayed at the Aria (which was amazing)
Ate at the best little Restaurant (the Berrymore)
Watched some sports (of course, we are obsessed) 
And just relaxed and hung out.

The Subway Part 2
Last summer Dust and I hiked the Subway and loved it. 
So when Alex decided to plan a little family trip to hike it again, we were all in. 
We even decided to bring my little sister. 
It didn't quite turn out the way we thought.
We got lost. 
Took a 10 mile detour ha ha ha. 
By the time we finally reached the trail head, 
me and the girls decided that we wouldn't do the hike. 
It was already 3 and we didn't think we could do it and make it out before the sunset. 
We made the right decision. 
My three brother-in-laws, and 2 cousins decided to keep going. 
In the 3rd mile of the 10 mile hike, by cousin landed funny and broke his foot. 
So it took them a little longer to get out then they thought. 
They ended up getting stuck down in the canyon. 
They had no light and could not find their way out. 
Dust and I were on the phone all night with the Park Ranger. 
We were worried sick. 
We thought something really bad had happened to them. 
But they were fine and made it out the next morning. 
Next time, they should listen to the girls :)

Madison's Homecoming
My wonderful sister-in-law came home from her mission. 
We were SOOO excited. 
She served int the Washington state mission. 
So Dust and I took a little detour up to Utah to see her homecoming. 
She, of course, gave the best homecoming talk ever. 
She is amazing, and we are so glad to have her home. 
I am especially glad. 
It was getting really lonely being the only girl with all the crazy Call boys. 

Memorial Day Picnic
My mothers family has been going to Bunkerville Nevada for Memorial day for over 50 years. 
We go and visit the graves of our loved ones and then have a big BBQ afterwards. 
It was so fun to see our family and hang out the people we love.

Law School Prep Course
Dustin was invited to attend a Pre-Law School boot camp up in Utah. 
I had a couple of days off of school so we decided to make a trip out of it. 
Well it wasn't so much of a vacation as a work-trip. 
Dust was at school for 10 hours a day, and I spent the days studying for my finals. 
But we still made the time to see our family. 
Highlights...Brady's Graduation, Faith/Grace's end of the school dance, running the canyon, family dinners, and seeing all the people we love. 

Brooks-a-Bee's Wedding
My cousin Brooks got married to the most amazing girl in the Salt Lake Temple. 
They are such a great couple and we can't wait to hang out with them more. 
It was such an amazing reception. 
It was in her Grandma's incredible backyard
It was great to catch up with our family. 
I love any excuse I get to see these great people.


Dust and I have been obsessed with the NBA playoffs this year. 
I don't think we have missed a game. 
It was been so fun to have something to look forward to all day. 
I mean seriously though, this has been the greatest great play offs. 
We will be devastated when they are over.

We have been working out like crazy. 
We love to get up in the morning and get our work out in. 
We get up at 5 and are usually in bed by 10. 
We are pretty boring. 
But nothing is better then starting your day out with a good sweat. 
Dust has found some work out buddies and so he is in cloud nine. 

My mother also introduced me to this TV show called Downton Abbey. 
I watched the first episode and was not impressed. 
But she convinced me to continue watching it. 
I did, and I LOVED it. 
It was so good, that one night I couldn't go to bed until 4:30 in the morning 
because I had to know what happened next. 
So if you are looking for something to watch this summer, Downton Abbey it is.

House hunting. 
Who would have thought that it would be so hard to get a house in Vegas. 
But the investors come in and swoop up all the houses we want. 
Luckily though, we found the most amazing little house. 
We have had our bid in at the bank for a month 
and won't find out for another month if we got the bid or not. 
So keep your fingers crossed because we really love this one. 

The end of the First

I am happy to report that I am done with my first year of PA school. 
I want to say that this last year has flown by, but to be honest its been a long one. 
But that just means that I am now one year closer to being done. 
I am really looking forward to the next three weeks off. 
I need a little R and R. 

Dustin, being the amazing husband that is, decided to surprise me with an 
end of the year celebration date. 
I have been coveting Lululemon work out clothes for a while now, 
so he took me to the store and let me pick out an outfit. 
I was in heaven. 
He followed it up with my favorite restaurant Grimaldi's. 
It was the perfect night,
and a great way to celebrate