Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jessie's Wedding/Birthday weekend

I know I say this a lot but I truly do LOVE weddings. 
I just love being married and I want all of my friends to be married and happy too. 
There is nothing better then finding the person you get to spend eternity with. 
And I could not be happier for Jesse. 
Her and Dave have been dating for a while and I am so glad that they finally tied the knot. 

Her wedding was amazing. 
It was filled with family, fun, and friends. 
The best part though was spending time with best friends that I just do not get to see enough. 
That is the one downfall of getting older. 
I dont get to see my friends as much anymore. 

We had so much fun catching up with the Weltes, Karly, Vanessa and Suz. 
It was so good to see and hang out with them. 
It was pure shambles. 
Trying to get around in LA with 10 people in your party is craziness. 
We almost got in a few car accidents, but we made it to everything on time, and no one got hurt lol. 

We also got to meet Karly's sweet little baby Annie. 
We were lucky enough to get to drive with them. 
I could not get enough of this sweet baby girl. 
I am not going to lie it, it made me real baby hungry. 
I hope I am as cute as mom as Kars. 

I just couldnt get enough of staying up late and just visiting 
with my favorite people in the world. 
It was the best weekend.

My Birthday 
So Jesse got married on Saturday and my birthday was Sunday. 
So we decided to celebrate it with our favorite restaurants in LA. 
We LOVE food. 
We ate at the most amazing bakery down by LA Live, had appetizers at our favorite Sushi place, and then ate dinner at Mama Di's. 
We are ridiculous, but I couldnt think of a better way of spending my birthday. 
I got to spend the rest of the day on the beach with Dust. 
It was the perfect weekend. 

Session 4

Its my last semester of my didactic year and I have never had burn out like this in my life. 
I am tired of constantly cramming for 2 exams a week and I cant wait until October 19th. 
But I have to say that this semester hasn't been all that bad. 
We have done some fun things, and its the only thing that has kept me sane. 
Here is a run down of the last couple of months

Newport Beach
We had a wonderful little getaway to Newport Beach.
My little brother was going down to Pepperdine for a volleyball and my mom was staying down there.
So Dustin, Alex, and I decided that we would go down and keep my mom company.
(arent we just so nice?)
We had an amazing couple of days.
It was nice to get away from school for a couple of days.
We ate like Kings the whole time.
Dustin's only goal when we go on a trip is to  eat good.
And let me just tell you we did.
We had so much fun playing on the beach, seeing Batman, shopping, eating ALL the time, going to Angels gamen and just hanging out.
Thanks mom for such a fun weekend and thanks AL for coming downt to spend some time with us.

Car accident
On our way home from California we got into a car accident.
It actually happend though, a 1/2 mile from my house.
I had called my Mom and told her we got home safely and 1 minute later we got hit.
We went to turn right onto Riley and the person behind us did not slow down.
She hit us going 45 mph.
Luckily everyone was fine and we walked away.
We were all just a little sore for a week or two.
We have been in a battle with the insurance company and probably wont get our car back for a couple of months. I am just glad that we are all okay

Dustins Adventure
So I thought I was a really good wife when I got Dustin a bike.
I had no idea that he would love it this much and that a bike had so many things to buy for it.
He loves riding that thing.
So when Alex and Matt called and told them they were biking from Provo to Denver he was all in.
I was not so sure about this idea.
Seriously, he would be gone for a week, riding over the Rocky Mountains.
But, I couldnt tell him he couldnt go.
Dust had a blast
They rode on average 120miles per day. 
Matt had a really cool GPS that I could follow their ride online, so that made me feel a little better.
I am pretty sure he lost 10 pounds.
He came really skinny and Tan!!!
I have a feeling that more of these trips are in the works. Hopefully I will be able to go next time.

Kiersti's Wedding
I have been waiting for this wedding for a while.
I have been hearing about everything they were planning and I could not wait to see how it turned it.
It was seriously amazing.
It was one of the coolest receptions I have ever been to.
I loved the carnival theme.
I loved the tents, the juggler, the man on stilts, the food, the popcorn, and everything!!!!
Kiersti looked amazing. She should seriously be in a bride magazine.
I had so much fun!!!

Lindsay's Wedding
I LOVE weddings.
They are seriously my favorite thing ever.
I was so excited to finally see Lindsay and Trevor get married.
It has been a long time coming.
It was just so fine to see all the wonderful people I grew up with.
There is nothing like your childhood friends.

First Day
Dustins had his first day of Law School. 
I cant help but to be a really proud wife.
He is following his life long dream.
He is going to be an amazing lawyer. I love him so much.