Monday, October 22, 2012

End of My Didactic Year

I cant believe that I have finished my didactic year.
I didn’t think this day would come so fast.
The last 16 months have seriously been a whirlwind.
So much cramming, early mornings, 91 exams, and so much studying
It has been a grind.
For the most part 2 exams a week and 22 credits a semester
As horrible and as hard as it was, it was also a blast.
I have LOVED learning about the body.
I seriously love the human body so much.
We are all a walking miracle.
I cant help but to see Heavenly Father’s hand in our bodies every day.
I love that I am studying something that I am so passionate about and love.
But it feels so good to have this part of my academic carrier behind me.

By far the best part of my schooling has been my classmates.
They are the greatest people I have ever met.
They have helped me get through my exams, study for test,
 made me laugh, and made it easy to come to class every day.
Each person has been such a great example to me.
They have pushed me to be a better PA and an all-around better person.
I have had so much fun getting know them all, and I truly feel like we are a family.
I realize that we are all going off in different directions but we will have a connection for life.
You get close to the people that you go through hard times together.  
I love them all so much.
I am so excited for the next part of my schooling…Rotations.
I am a little nervous though.
I feel like I have studying for years and I am not sure if I know anything.
But I am excited for the challenge.
I can’t wait to actually see what I have been learning about for the last couple of years.
I just got my assiged to my first rotation and I am doing Cardiothoracic Surgery.
Its super intense but I cant wait to get into the OR.
Lets just pray that I dont pass out lol.

Just a couple of pics of some of favorite people

Jason's Big Day

My favorite thing about being back in Vegas is being able to go to my siblings things.
This last Saturday was a big one for my little brother Jason.
He ran cross country for Division.
He ran 3 miles in 16:10.
He was amazing.
Dust and I decided to run over to Shadow Ridge to see the race.
It was a beautiful day and great morning.
Then that night Jay went to his first school dance.
He went with the cutest girl and life long family friend Kara Ells.
These two looked absolutely adorable.
It was so fun to be able to help him get ready for his big date.
I love being able to  go to these events.
I am so glad that I live close to my family so that I can be apart of their lives.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our First Home

We bought a house.
It is the cutest little house you have ever seen.
It’s the perfect place for us.
I feel so old though,  
You start to feel like an adult when you have all of these bills rolling in.
I didn’t know buying a house was so complicated.
There are so many papers to sign, things to put in your name, and decisions to make.
Luckily we had an amazing real estate agent, Megan Albright, that made it so easy for us.
We have loved living with my parents and it has saved us so much money,
but it will be nice to have a place of our own again.
We are busy repainting and fixing up a few things before we move in.
It’s kind of overwhelming trying to decorate a whole house.
The paint color is completely stressing me out.
Who knew there were so many options.
And then you think you have found one you like and then you test it on the
walls at your house and its hideous.
Then the paint color changes from the morning to the afternoon.
But we think we have found one that we really like so we’ll have to see how it goes.
I also had absolutely no idea how much furniture cost
I looked through a couple of magazines for couches and rugs and decided that we will be going without a few things for a couple of years.
Lucky for us, my parents, in-laws, and grandparents have a few things that they are giving us.
Trying to move into a house during my last month of my didactic year, and in the middle of Dust’s semester has not been easy.
It’s been kind of crazy trying to figure all of this stuff out while still trying to cram for test’s on a daily basis.
But I have a break coming up before I start rotations so I can finally get some stuff done.
 We cant wait to move into our home.
 Family Room
 Kitchen Table Area
 Bedroom 1
 Bedroom 2
 Master Bedroom
Master Bath
This is what the house looks like now.
We are remodedling, painting, and fixing it up as we speak.
I'll post pictures after it's done.

Utah Visit

I love any oppritunity that I have to go to Utah to visit my family.
So when my school gave us a couple of days off for Yom Kippur, I decided to go up with my mom.
It was the first time that we’ve seen Kaitlin since we dropped her off at college.
She was real excited for us to come up.
She was just excited to be able to get off of campus for a couple of days.
It was also a blast staying with the Calls.
The Call house is always a blast.
There is always something going on there.
We had so much fun staying up late, chatting, eating, and making cookies.
We had fun going up to Salt Lake for the day.
We went to the Relief Society broadcast.
It was Kaitlins first time.
We meet my mother in law, aunt, and cousin.
We had fun eating out after and enjoying the absolutely beautiful new City Creek mall.
 The only thing that would have made the trip even better is if Dustin would have come.
But he had school, and unlike me he doesn’t get all of the Jewish Holidays off.
Hopefully at some point in the next year, Dust and I will get one weekend off together.

I love my family so much. I loved seeing my second family, cousins, sisters, friends, and family.