Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PA School Graduation

The last 7 months have been whirlwind.
To say that I am a little behind with the blog would be an understatement.
But now that I have some free time on my hands,
I will try to document the last 7 months of our lives.
It shouldn't be that hard because all we have been doing is
studying, eating good food, and working out.
I thought I should start out with our biggest news.
I graduated from PA School!
I seriously thought that this day would never come.
I have been looking forward to being done with school forever,
but I also felt like it crept up on me.
For the last year I have been out on rotations.
Basically ever month I shadowed a new doctor in a different field of medicine.
It was so much fun to get a glimpse into all different types of medicine.
Last year, I decided that I would go into my rotations with an open mind.
I wasn't sure what scope of medicine that I wanted to
practice and thought this was a great time to learn a little about everything.
I thought I would love OB/GYN.
I find pregnancy so fascinating and child birth as the greatest miracle of life. 
I found out that I loved OB but hated GYN.
Babies are cool but everything else is not my favorite.
I thought I loved kids but realized that I did not like Pediatrics.
That is way to much snot and dirty diapers for me.
 I loved the thrill of being in the OR,
but found out that surgeons are not always the nicest people.
I think I cried every day of my surgical rotation.
I loved Cardiology and think that the heart is the coolest organ in our body.
I learned all about Rheumatology and the way our bodies can attack themselves.
I found out how real Psychiatric diseases are.
My last rotation was ER.
I had never really considered working in the Emergency Room.
But I came home after my first shift and knew this is where I wanted to be.
I LOVE the ER.
I love the energy that resides there.
I love being able to help patients in their moment of crisis.
I love sewing people up.
I love seeing an ambulance pull in.
I love running around and having a million things to think about.
I loved everything about it.
I know this sounds weird, and my husband thinks I am nuts,
but I have always loved hospital.
Hospitals are filled with interesting and high stake cases.
I get an adrenaline rush the minute I walk through those doors.
So, I feel very blessed that I got hired on to work for an amazing ER group.
I cannot wait to start working 
Overall, last year was been one of the funnest years of my life.
I can not believe that I am living out my childhood dream of practicing medicine.
I learned so much this year and grew so much as a person.
November 3rd, my graduation date,
 has been on my calendar for that last 2 and half years.
I have been looking at this date with anticipation and excitement.
This day was filled with a mix of emotions.
I was so excited to be done but so sad that it was over.
I has happy that I would never go to school again,
but also sad that this part of my life was over.
I was excited to start practicing medicine,
but sad that I wouldn't see my classmates anymore.
My emotions were all over the place.
I was so lucky to have all of my family surround me with Love on this special day.
I was extremely grateful for my in-laws who came
down to spend this weekend with me.
I seriously would have never made it through school without
 the love and support of my husband and all of my family.
They were my backbone when I was totally stressed out,
and encouraged me when I felt like the impossible could not be done.
They gave me the confidence and encouragement to keep going.
And I am so grateful for all of them.
I am especially grateful for my husband.
He is so supportive of me and my dreams.
He encouraged me to go to school and would give
me pep talks every morning.
I could not have done it without him.
I feel so blessed that I had this opportunity.
I am so grateful for my education.
I LOVED PA school and will look back at
this time of my life with fondness.

With that said I cannot wait to get back in the hospital.
I am stuck in the middle of a waiting game.
It takes a couple of months to get my license and to
get credentialed in all of the hospitals.
But this down time could not have come at a better time.
I am excited to enjoy the Holidays with friends and family


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