Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Brady's Farewell

I cant even believe it.
My little Brady is on a mission.
Missions are amazing!
But just because they are amazing and they're what we should be doing
 doesnt make it any easier to say good bye.
Poor Brady has been waiting a long time to go on his mission.
The second he was done with high school,
he could not wait to get out there and serve the Lord.
But his call made him wait a little longer then he would have liked.
I am not going to lie,
I wasnt sad about it.
I was so happy that we got more time with this kid!
Brady is the funnest most entertaining kid ever.
I am so glad that I got to know him so well when we lived in Provo.
He is going to make an amazing missionary.

Getting to Brady's farewell turned out to be a little challenging.
Dust had a HUGE paper due Saturday night at 9.
So he could not leave until the paper was done.
So I ended up driving up on Saturday,
Dust flew up on Sunday morning
and then we drove back Sunday afternoon,
to get to school and the clinic by Monday morning.
Dust was there for a total of like 7 hours.
It was crazy.

But it was worth it.
Dad gave an update on Carter.
Brady gave the most amazing talk ever.
Gacy Jane spoke
And Grandpa Call spoke.
It was the best meeting of all time.

I am so glad that we made it up there to wish out little brother farewell.

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