Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

This Easter has to be my favorite Easter of all time.
First of all Dustin was on Spring Break the week before.
With Dustin in Law School, any time that he has off I treasure.
Even though he was still busy with studying, he wasnt as stressed as usual.
It was fun being able to come home from the clinic everyday and being able to just chill with him.
And since he did have a little break, his parents and little sister's decided to come down.
I love when the Calls come down.
It is always a blast with them.
We had so much fun staying up late talking and of course eating.
The two things that we do best.
His parents were also so great because they helped us with stuff around the house.
I have had a couple of things on my to do list for the last 6 months and they helped us finish those.
I love the Calls and feel so blessed that I am in their family.
The Saturday before Easter is our annual Whipple Easter Party.
One of my favorite events of the year.
This year it was held at my parents house.
The day was spent BBQing, swimming, watching march madnes, visiting, and of course doing a Easter egg hunt.
It was so fun hanging out with family, and I look to many more days like this.

I am so grateful for my Savior.
I am grateful that he came to this earth, that he atoned for all of our sins,
and that he rose on the third day.
I love that we celebrate the Savior's resurrection surrounded by family and friends.
He is the one that made it all possible so that we can
 live with our families forever.

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